Internship Multimedia Designer

Touchify is looking for a multimedia designer which masters interactive content (website, applications, etc.) to design web interfaces and Touchify presentation templates.

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Job Description

During this mission, you will have to design UI for some Touchify's web platforms and you will have to create Touchify presentation templates.
You will have to layout the content of one of the following platforms :

  • Support Platform: Support Ticket Management / Documentation / Tips / Chat;
  • Release Platform: Upload and Download of Touchify's releases / Auto-update server;
  • Partner Platform: License acquisition / Dashboard / Clients Management / Partner Documentation.

During the mission, you will also have to create Touchify presentation templates to demonstrate the tool's capacities in specific businesses:

  • Sales;
  • Retail;
  • Tourism;
  • Street-Marketing;
  • Training;
  • Real-Estate;
  • etc.

The mission is likely to evolve depending on the candidate's skills.


We are looking for an autonomous, involved, enthusiastic and dynamic profile. You should be able to find inspiration on specific cases.

You will have to be able to make suggestions, be creative and open minded.

Design school
French / English (recommanded)
Recommended Experience:
At least on UI/UX project


ZA Aix-Les Milles
Job type:

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